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Access Control

If a key is lost or stolen it is necessary to replace the lock in order to maintain the security of a property
An access control system provides access to authorised users without them needing a key to the property. This greatly reduces the number of keys in circulation and the risk of losing them, along with the costs of replacing lost keys or compromised locks.

By utilising an access control system, business owners and property managers can improve the security of a site and also reduce the on-going costs of keys. Codes can be easily changed and proximity fobs or cards can be reprogrammed or deleted.

Access control systems can provide a variety of solutions to security issues found in residential, commercial and industrial settings. An access control system from County Security can provide:

  • Additional security and electronic locking to buildings and perimeter protection
  • Controlled access to areas for authorised personnel only
  • Controlled access to areas at specified times of day
  • Additional security for sensitive areas
  • Control of pedestrian traffic around a site
  • Detailed reporting including time and attendance


A wide variety of electronic locking devices are available allowing us to add access control to nearly any door. We have close relationships with metal fabricators and fencing companies allowing us to also secure most external gates. Our access control systems can also be integrated with other devices such as automated gates, barriers and turnstiles.

Code Based Systems

Our solutions start with simple, code based keypad units for single doors. Access is authorised by entering a secure code which can be easily re-programmed by an approved user if required. These systems are very cost effective and can provide valuable additional protection to a small office or industrial unit.

Proximity Systems

A proximity access system uses key fobs or ID cards (ID devices) to authorise access. The user presents their ID device to a reader which determines instantaneously if access is authorised. A system of this nature can be either:

  • Stand-alone - where ID devices are programmed at the reader (or stand-alone controller) with a master administration card.
  • PC based – where ID devices are enrolled onto a PC, which then transmits the data to the access controller.

Stand-alone systems offer basic features such as: Code or card operation, a limited number of users, auxiliary trigger and output and a variable door open time.

PC based systems offer much greater flexibility and expansion capability over a stand-alone system. With a PC based system the computer holds the database of all the system’s users, doors and access rights. Each door is connected back to the computer using either a dedicated cable network, the site’s local or wide area network or in some circumstances, a dial-up connection. These connection types can be mixed on the same system to provide a connection to multiple buildings or even to multiple sites. If communication between the PC and the door fails, the system will continue to operate offline and store any transactions in memory, the users will notice no difference in operation. Once the communications are restored, the door controllers will send any transactions back to the PC and synchronise the database with the one on the PC.

A PC based system offers the following benefits:

  • Many systems are suitable for free software
  • Start small – a PC based system allows you to start with a small system and expand over time, helping to spread the capital cost.
  • A database which can be backed up and stored remotely (if the system should fail, ID devices won’t have to be replaced).
  • Full transaction logs – every authorised or denied entry, controller power status, lock status, database changes, and everything else. All logs are saved and can be searched and filtered.
  • Detailed reporting – many pre-made reports on most aspects of the system and its users including access history and keys which aren’t being used.
  • Connect multiple buildings and sites to the same database – client software and operator rights allows for administration of individual sites on a multi-site system.
  • 2 Factor authentication – For high security applications, a PIN and proximity reader can be used to require both a PIN code and an authorised card for entry.
  • Fingerprint readers can also be used.

System Upgrades

Do you have an aging system which is starting to fail? Perhaps the PC is slow or the controllers are slowly going faulty. County Security has vast experience in providing as much life as possible from an older access control system. We have supplied many customers with PC upgrades, hardware repairs and controller replacements, all whilst maintaining site security and system operation. Our services provide the maximum return on your original investment and provide a cost effective path to the latest platform.

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